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Concrete Innovations Learning Center On-demand provides recordings and downloads for previously aired Learning Sessions on the latest innovations for sustainable concrete design, construction and manufacturing. Select a year for on-demand learning sessions:


Each session of the Concrete Innovations Learning Center offers AIA Continuing Education and Professional Development Hours. Complete the form provided for each session to receive credits. 

SESSION 20: MAY 15, 2024






De-Risking Lower-Carbon Concrete – The importance of innovation and the value proposition of leadership


Don Davies, Co-founder, Davies-Crooks Associates

Sara Neff, Head of Sustainability, Lendlease Americas

James Murray-Coleman, Director of Sustainability, Trammel Crow Company

Trammell Crow and Lendlease are industry leading developers, each with portfolios in the billions of dollars. They are placing a high value on future lower-carbon construction, and are championing a series of lower-carbon concrete pilot studies across the country. What is driving their decisions to innovate? What do they need from industry to support their goals? Moderated by Don Davies of Davies-Crooks Associates, a structural engineering veteran and leader of the Lower-Carbon Concrete Task Force, this panel will explore the motivations, risks, and value these efforts look to achieve.


Product Spotlight - AICrete

The Future of the Concrete Industry Using AI-Driven Solutions


Dr. Parham Aghdasi, Founder and CEO, AICRETE

This session will provide insights into the future of the concrete industry and how AICrete is leading the charge with AI-driven solutions. The presentation will dive into the heart of innovation with the newest features of AICreteOS. Attendees will experience first hand how this transformative operating system is reshaping the concrete production landscape, optimizing workflows, enhancing quality control, and revolutionizing every aspect of production. The session will highlight how strategic partnerships and integrations further amplify the power of AICreteOS and how collaborative efforts are driving innovation and delivering unparalleled value to the concrete industry.


Product Spotlight - Master Builders Solutions

Concrete Strength and Sustainability Redefined


Tyler Grissom, Product Manager, Master Builders Solutions

Nanoscale particulate-based admixture technologies are leading the way in concrete innovation. They effectively tackle the obstacles presented by supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs) and Type IL cements, paving the way for the creation of cost-effective and environmentally sustainable concrete mixtures with lower cement content.

SESSION 19: APRIL 17, 2024






Sustainable Concrete in the Building Industry: Opportunities and Challenges



Chris Flint Chatto, Principal, ZGF Architects LLP

Chris Chatto is a sustainability expert who found his way to architecture after a decade of work in environmental activism. As one of ZGF’s resident sustainable design experts, Chris develops simple, yet powerful tools to analyze data and understand how a project will impact and respond to the natural environment. This presentation demonstrates how ZGF used those tools along with collaborative approaches to sustainable design to ensure meaningful impact reductions, including embodied carbon of concrete.


Proactive CO2 reduction with TiO2-based surface treatments: Overview of methods, initial results & future perspectives in pavement applications


Mirian Velay-Lizancos, Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering, Purdue University

It is known that TiO2 is a photocatalyst that can be used in construction materials applications as it provides them with photocatalytic properties, such as NOx removal. In addition to this property, our recent studies have shown the potential to increase the CO2 capture abilities of construction materials by adding nano-TiO2 into cementitious materials as part of the mix. These studies showed that these additions promoted the CO2 uptake to a certain level, depending on the samples' w/c and age, through carbonation acceleration, reducing the material's environmental footprint. However, the cost of nano-TiO2 and the potential increase in risk of corrosion if used in steel-reinforced concrete may reduce its applicability in the short term. Thus, our new study assesses the potential use of a TiO2-based surface treatment and its effect on CO2 concentrations and carbonation. These treatments present a cost-effective way to deliver TiO2 to pavements. However, their effect on the pavements differs from the effects of adding TiO2 into the mix since a surface treatment applied after the pavement has hardened will not modify the hydration process. Thus, we developed a new technique to assess the potential proactive effects of the surface treatment over the pavement's service life. Results showed that samples with the surface treatment reduced the concentration of CO2 to a greater extent than untreated samples. Furthermore, results also showed that, in this case, the reduction of CO2 concentration is not related to an increase in carbonation depth. Treated samples also showed self-cleaning ability. Thus, these treatments present a cost-effective way to deliver TiO2 to pavements, providing them with a long-lasting CO2 reduction ability.

Product Spotlight - Euclid Chemical

Decorative Concrete Innovations in Sustainability


Rich Cofoid, Sr. Marketing and Product Line Manager, Euclid Chemical

As sustainability and reduction in carbon emissions continue to drive innovations in concrete mix designs and construction, the decorative side of our business has not been left behind. In this presentation we will discuss some of the trends and evolutions in decorative concrete systems that combine aesthetics and sustainability.


2024 Concrete Innovations Award Winners


Lionel Lemay, PE, SE, LEED AP, Executive Vice President, Structures and Sustainability, NRMCA

The NRMCA Concrete Innovations Award Program recognizes outstanding achievement in concrete design and construction. Innovative projects that demonstrate outstanding achievements in performance while lowering environmental impacts including embodied and operational carbon footprint are awarded. This presentation will highlight the nominees and winners of the 2024 Concrete Innovations Awards.

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